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Psychotherapy, Assessment and Counselling

Supervision, Training and Research

Complementary Health Services:


Spiritual Coaching and Consultation:


Hello! I am Dr. Todd and I am pleased that you have visited my website. My practice is centered around your well-being and it is my honour to be a support to the many clients and patients I have worked with over the years.

I believe that our journey in life is profoundly relational and when we seek out help, this is another relationship in our lives that is profound and important.

I have been providing psychotherapy for over a decade and have worked with people who struggle with anxiety, depression, relationship problems, sadness, grief, anger, complex trauma, PTSD, pain and other challenges. I have worked with individuals across the spectrum of sexual orientation and gender identification.

My practice is currently focused on working with adults and couples where I utilize a variety of therapeutic modalities! Additionally, I am a trained Reiki practitioner and also provide Tarot consultations, tarot coaching and tarot counselling. I look forward to meeting you!


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