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Book A Tarot Reading Now!

I offer online readings in person, via email, telephone and /or skype. Please use the link below to pay for your reading and we can schedule a time to sit together (for Skype/Phone/In Person). For emails, I will be in touch with an expected wait time for a reading. Usually I can read and prepare your email within one week of payment. 

Tarot has been regarded as a highly symbolic and divinatory tool for exploring a current situation, problem or relationship. Some point towards paganism, spiritualism, fortune-telling, psychologists, mystics, historians and other individuals for using the tarot as a method to provide insight. I believe and have experienced the insight that can come from a consultation with Tarot. Allowing us to reflect on our positioning, Tarot offers the unique experience of accessing our own unconscious wisdom, and the collected wisdom of humanity to explore solutions, possibilities and potentialities in our lives.

Tarot can be a tool to provide an overarching clue regarding the energies that are currently impacting you, or tarot can be useful when you are asking questions that relate to your self and the decisions that you are making. Good questions are open-ended and allow for a dialogue between the cards and your self.

What kinds of questions can you ask? Tarot works when you are asking questions that relate to your self. Asking questions about someone else's life or choices, questions around strong negative emotions of others, "should" questions, or questions about things we have no control over often do not yield useful results. Good questions are open-ended and allow for a dialogue between the cards and your self. Questions can be reframed in the following ways to be helpful:

  • What do I need to know about… ?
  • What do I need to do to achieve…?
  • What is standing in the way and how can I best overcome this?
  • How can I improve my ability to…?
  • What role do I play in so-and-so’s life/issue?
  • What do I need to change in order to…?
  • What is the potential for…?

My own practice with Tarot combines traditional Tarot images and spreads, along with therapeutic questioning to fully explore the nature of your question.

Digital Reading

The perfect choice to receive insight via email about a specific problem or question. We will email to firm up your question and to explore the right 3-5 card spread to provide guidance for your situation. Digital readings can usually be completed within one week and are provided via email only.


60 Minute Reading

The most popular option. 60 Minute readings are completed either in person, via telephone, or via skype. We will have time to explore a few domains of your life, the energies influencing you, and some ideas as to how you can move forward.


90 Minute Reading

The best way to gain insight and explore all that is going on in your life, in detail. 90 Minute readings are best completed in person or via skype.


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